Email hosting experts: privacy is our priority

Remote support and remote-access setup

Networking specialists: design, problem solving

● Consulting: Hardware and software selection

Problem solving: Windows, Linux, Internet, hardware

Developer consulting: GUI design, alpha/beta testing

● Diversity is out strength ... let’s talk

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EECONS Is Technology

In the 1960’s and 70’s we were known as
the finest electron tube maker as
selected by NASA, JAN and DESA *

From the 1980’s to the present, we are
known as a premier technology company
Electronic Enterprises, Inc.
always on the forefront of innovation

● In 1982 we created an electronic medical records system for Colgate-Palmolive
● In 2021 we created the NCIR, National COVID Immunization Registry
● Let us consult on your technology projects, consult on your GUIs, and provide professional alpha and beta testing

We specialize in utilizing existing technology to solve real-world problems, read what others have said ...

QRSTUFF was impressed how we utilize QR code generation to enhance our online [COVID] immunization registry
Proxim was the creator of wireless networking, our systems prompted them to write a case-study article about us
Our work in creating the earliest of paperless medical offices was documented in many pediatric publications
When putting data on a CD was considered cutting edge we were putting electronic medical records on the Internet

Our IT history started in 1982 ... in 2021 we are still at the forefront of technology

* NASA: Yes, the real NASA; JAN: Joint Army-Navy; DESA: Defense Electronics Supply Administration

Email hosting - professionally hosted email, security and privacy are our priorities

Computer Tech Support - looking for a new system or having problems others haven’t been able to solve?

Design Consulting - we help software development teams with system and GUI design and can provide highly skilled alpha and beta testing services. Also, let us help turn your tech support department into your strongest sales asset

Remote Support Services - let us remotely access your computers and we’ll update the drivers, check for vulnerabilities, and fine tune your PC, while you watch


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