● No email privacy invasion, ever
● Encrypted HIPAA-legal email features available
        ... Perfect for Medical, Legal, Accounting
        ... And all other communications that should
        ... not be scrutinized by others

If you like your privacy, do not use supposedly free email services

gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail ... and the list goes on ...  Invasion of your privacy is how these companies make money
They are all as bad as facebook when it comes to invasion of privacy ... they all do the same thing - steal your privacy.

EECONS can host your company or
personal domain-name’s email securely.

We can even help you register your own domain-name so you can be yourself  with an address of you@your-domain.com

Or you can get a
web1.email address such as your-name@web1.email and utilize our great features including our unique HIPAA level encrypted email system with our public domain-name web1.email

Contact us for rates and answers to technical questions ... And don’t worry, this amazing service is not expensive, but, privacy is not free. And the support rocks.

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The backbone of our email system is used by over 3000 email hosting companies worldwide,
 it’s that good!

We are fully compatible with all email clients (Outlook, iMail, Android, iPhone, etc.) with full SSL encryption and we support both POP3 and IMAP (if not sure, you want IMAP). We can even import all of your gmail so your years of (privacy-invaded) email can be brought into our secure environment, and never be read by anyone but you ever again!

And our webmail system is awesome, more features than you’ll probably need, but they are there if you want them. And if you have several email addresses you can monitor them all at once with a single-logon, even if they are from different domain-names.

And then, there’s our favorite, email-aliases ... the ability to have many names (email addresses) that are all really just you. This is great when you don’t want to give out your real address, you can makeup an alias and give out a disposable address. ...Now who has that? Well, EECONS does.

Not at EECONS. We’re trusted by doctors, lawyers, accountants, musicians (and others without real jobs), Chiropractors, individuals (who value their privacy and love great service and features), IT professionals, manufacturers and of course, our families all use our service. Small print: And we even give family the same great support youll get, what we’ve been known for since we got into the computer business in 1982 when we created the first ever electronic medical records system - and, we understand confidentiality/security.

Your email hosting specialists!

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