# of Email
address accounts

# of Email aliases
per Emai address

(alternate names for the
same Email address)

Cost per
Email address

HIPAA Compliant Encrypted Email
(add-on option)

Offer valid until 8/31/2021


10 email aliases/acct included

10 additional aliases:
$1mo / $10yr

$8mo / $60yr

$2mo / $15yr


10 email aliases/acct included

10 additional aliases:
$1/mo / $10yr
Not to exceed
$5mo / $45yr per 10

$7mo / $55yr

$2.00mo / $12yr


10 email aliases/acct included

10 additional aliases:
$1/mo / $10yr
Not to exceed
$15mo / $150yr per 10

$6mo / $50yr

$2.00mo / $12yr

Not to exceed
$30/mo / $200/yr (max amt)

(over 50 contact us)

10 email aliases/acct, included

10 additional aliases:
$1/mo / $10yr
Not to exceed
$50mo / $400yr per 10

$5mo / $40yr

$2.00mo / $12yr

Not to exceed
$60/mo / $500/yr (max amt)

EECONS [really] Secure Email Pricing - Contact Us to discuss special situations and customization needs

For pricing on Software Design Consulting Services please Contact Us.
General IT/computer help, problem solving and repair will be quoted by the job, let us know what you need.
Website hosting is priced on a custom basis, generally costing $120 - $400/yr, Contact Us for a quote.

All Email packages include FREE utility accounts such as Faxes, Scanners and Phone /Alarm systems, ....
For Encryption packages that automatically encrypt all Email, please visit eMedRecords. this is a perfect way to secure the communication from your fax and scanner devices that send via Email.

● Pay annually and save. Monthly accounts must be set up on Auto Pay.
● Annual packages with over 3 Email accounts includes free domain name registration and renewal through Enom.
● Each Email account includes 10gb of storage.
● Additional features included with all accounts: Comprehensive tech support, Mailing lists (listserve), Spam/virus filtering, Auto Responder (vacation message), Email forwarding,

Once you’ve consulted with us on email products, please visit our Secure Online Store

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