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We find many companies using email addresses at gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, aol, comcast and many others. This is VERY bad for many reasons. Right off, you are now advertising gmail and not xyz.com. You have a company website, your email should also be @your-website, advertise your business and not other’s.


You tell people “find us on the web at www.xyz.com or email us at name@gmail.com when you should be saying “find us on the web at www.xyz.com or email me at name@xyz.com, or our sales department at sales@xyz.com, etc.


Now, that is all about marketing your brand and not someone else’s. But, there is much more behind this than just marketing, one is privacy and the other is protecting your business.


I’ll start with the simpler one, privacy: Free email services such as the ones named above, and just about all others as well, have a privacy-policy that you agreed to that says “we are joint owners of all intellectual property sent through our servers”. In English, that means, if you send an email from your gmail address, or, receive email to your gmail address, you AND gmail own the contents of your email. They have the right, since you agreed to it, to open your email, read your email, database the contents of your email, and sell to their marketing partners, as they are called, anything and everything they can obtain from your private email, that is, the email you expected to be private.  Tax returns, bank statements, legal documents, private-issues between 2-people … ALL is sold to anyone who wants to pay these companies for their stolen data, the data you told them it’s ok to steal. These lack of privacy issues are most likely one of the biggest reasons identity-theft is so prevalent.


Side note: even if you use your own domain-name for email, employees should NOT BE ALLOWED to be checking personal email on YOUR business computers. Viruses are spread via email more than any other method and email use on the computers you rely on to run your business, should not be compromised by personal email. If you want to allow employees to access personal email during working hours, it should only be done on a personal cell-phone, NOT on your business computers.


The second, and possibly even more critical than the privacy issues (which is very hard for me to fathom, being the privacy-buff that I am), is protecting your company’s assets. You can think of protecting your office computers against viruses protecting company assets, as it is, but you have a much more valuable company asset in your email that is not protected if you are using gmail and others, and that VALUABLE asset is the content of customer/vendor emails, the actual email addresses, all communications, etc. If communications are part of your business, you OWN the data, not the employee.


Let’s say you are a hairdresser, a sales-agent, a lawyer, or should I say, you are the business-owner of a hair-salon, a car dealership, a law office, etc., the contact-information in email, names, addresses, phone numbers, hair color, car style, legal-issues, etc., are owned by YOU, the business owner, not the employee. But your employee uses a personally-setup gmail address for conducting YOUR business, and that employee leaves and goes to a competitor, guess what that employee is bringing to that new job … names, addresses, phone numbers, hair color, car styles, legal-issues … EVERYTHING you legally own since it was accumulated on your equipment on your premises on your time, but now you no longer have access to it. But your competitor does.


If all employees have an email address name@your-domain then YOU have full control over all email, and, when an employee no longer works for you, and goes to your competitor, you can not only shut off email access to that employee and take over all that valuable data, which belongs to you, if that employee were to take a copy of YOUR DATA, by law, that is THEFT and is a criminal offense.


If you would like to discuss setting up your company’s email @your-domain, let us know. EECONS can host your email without any need to move your website, they are truly independent entities. We have listserve systems (so you can build a company-customer loyalty email list and send out useful email-blasts), we have a secure email system (added cost) that allows you to properly send/receive private-data in a fully encrypted/secure manner. We’ve been doing this since 1998, we’re really good at it.




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