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Read about Encrypted Email (PDF)

Medical: Even patient records can be sent, all is HIPAA compliant.
Legal: communications where prying eyes could be a problem
Accounting: Tax returns and financial data should be kept private
Personal Financial Data: From real-estate to car loans, anyplace you are sending your personal financial and/or identifying information
Anyone sending to gmail*: ALL gmail* is databased, contents sold to advertisers, read by real-people, scrutinized and stolen, even gmail’s secure mail can be read by them and is saved forever (2 security flaws)
EECONS Encrypted Email is the only way to keep your private Email PRIVATE - end to end!

Who should be using Encrypted Email and when do you use it?

● End-to-end encryption, even we cannot read your Email
● Automatic message deletion after 60 days
● Comprehensive Legal Archives
● 5-Way security features, no privacy invasion!

Features of the EECONS Encrypted Email System

* Email addresses are NEVER shared/sold.
EECONS may send you an occasional Email and all opt-out requests are respected. Use this page as often as needed.

* gmail is a ™trademark of Google, they can have it
we’d have nothing to do with them.

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Encypted Email System

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