Affordable. No, we are not free, but that’s also why we don’t steal your private Email to stay in business

Email using your domain-name, your-name@your-domain, no need to move website hosting (www).
        No domain-name? As an Enom agent, we can provide domain-registration services

Are you an Email consultant? Ask us about our wholesale Email agent reseller plans

Supports all Email clients: Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS, Android, EECONS Webmail

NO privacy invasion it’s YOUR Email. Email privacy-invasion is very dangerous and should be regulated

Comprehensive and fully customizable anti-spam system. Server side anti-virus filtering

On-demand HIPAA-compliant end-to-end Encrypted Email (optional, may incur additional cost)

Historic Legal Archives included with all plans - we do not charge extra for this feature

Added administration security with [free] Two-Factor authentication (optional feature by user)

Unlimited Email aliases, a Super Feature! Alternate names for an email acct, ie, sales, info, accounting

Email forwarding and Vacation/Out Of Office responders.

Mailing lists / Email-blast / listserve, retain and build customer loyalty with your in-house Email list

Simplify multiple-domain administration with 1 master administrator login

Supports SPF and DKIM anti-spam DNS methods - we’ll help with your DNS settings

24 years experience hosting Email - with clients with us since day-1, they’d never switch

Convert from gmail, yahoo, rackspace or other provider with no loss of old Email
        We can help move your existing Email, changing Email providers does not mean you lose old Email

Domain aliases: need Email for more than one domain-name? This features makes that SUPER easy!

Real tech support. Yes, we actually provide real tech support. Email is critical and should’t be guesswork

Please note ... this is just a short list of the many features. Did we mention customizable blogs?

EECONS Email has more awesome features than other email systems, in fact, it’s awesomer, that’s
another level of awesome - so many awesome, easy-to-use, features, this is only a short awesome list

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